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117,69 EUR*
Details A Cultural History of Pregnancy: Pregnancy, Medicine and Culture, 1750-2000

A Cultural History of Pregnancy Hanson explores the different ways in which pregnancy has been constructed and interpreted in Britain over the last 250 years. Full description

15,63 EUR*
Details Holistic Pregnancy and Childbirth: A Month-by-month Guide

Holistic Pregnancy and Childbirth Holistic pregnancy and childbirth. Your month-by-month guide to the latest therapies, techniques, and natural approaches. For the most rewarding path to a comfortable pregnancy, a shorter labor, and the joyful ...

15,53 EUR*
Details Spiritual Pregnancy: Develop, Nurture & Embrace the Journey to Motherhood

A mindful pregnancy is a spiritual initiation for the mother-to-be. Filled with unique insights into the spiritual nature of pregnancy, Spiritual Pregnancy takes the expectant mother (and her loved ones) along a heroine's journey of discovery. Each ...

18,80 EUR*
Details Pregnancy For Dummies

The reassuring guide to a happy, healthy pregnancy This new edition offers soon-to-be moms and dads detailed, friendly information on preparing and planning for pregnancy. You'll find guidance on the basics, as well as special considerations like age ...

23,85 EUR*
Details Janet Balaskas - Natural pregnancy

Evolution Music Europe Dvd mind body & soul - natural pregnancy

30,55 EUR*
Details Tackling Teenage Pregnancy: Sex, Culture and Needs

Tackling Teenage Pregnancy A discussion of issues relating to tackling teenage pregnancy. It provides viewpoints from both the medical professionals' and the teenagers' perspectives, and includes case studies that describe real situations and show how ...

23,49 EUR*
Details Pearhead 35002 - Pregnancy Journal, Schwangerschaftsalbum und -tagebuch für Aufbewahrung von Erinnerungen, Fotos und Ultraschallbilder (Englisch)

Record the different stages of your pregnancy with our contemporary pregnancy journal. The pre-printed pages make it simple to create a lasting memory of your baby's journey to birth. Track every chapter of your pregnancy such as your first visit to ...

17,67 EUR*
Details Fit & Healthy Pregnancy: How to Stay Strong and in Shape for You and Your Baby

Exercise during pregnancy isn't just safe, it's healthy for you and your baby. Fit & Healthy Pregnancy dispels generations of old wives' tales about exercise and pregnancy so active women can stay strong and in shape. This book from running coach Dr ...

33,24 EUR*
Details Pre-teen and Teenage Pregnancy: A Twenty-first Century Reality

No Pre-teen and Teenage Pregnancy Read a customer review or write one .

9,08 EUR*
Details Aqua Yoga: Harmonizing Exercises in Water for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

This title features harmonizing exercises in water for pregnancy, birth and beyond. It is an inspiring guide offering ideal exercise and routines for easing pregnancy and preparing for a water birth. It also includes energizing postnatal exercises ...

31,49 EUR*
Details Embodying Culture: Pregnancy in Japan and Israel (Studies in Medical Anthropology (Paperback))

Embodying Culture "Embodying Culture" is an ethnographically grounded exploration of pregnancy in two different cultures--Japan and Israel--both of which medicalize pregnancy. Tsipy Ivry focuses on "low-risk" or "normal" pregnancies, using cultural ...

37,41 EUR*
Details Sanctioning Pregnancy: A Psychological Perspective on the Paradoxes and Culture of Research (Women and Psychology)

Sanctioning Pregnancy Pregnancy provides a very public, visual confirmation of femininity. It is a time of rapid physical and psychological adjustment for women and is surrounded by stereotyping, taboos and social expectations. This book seeks to ...

16,28 EUR*
Details Raising Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Care

[ Raising Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Care Greene, Alan ( Author ) ] { Paperback } 2007